Saturday, 23 November 2013

Christmas card making

This morning we had some fun with paint, making Christmas cards ready for when needed for Arthur's nursery friends.  We used a few different thumb, hand and foot printing techniques to try and create different Christmassy pictures.  I obviously guided Arthur a lot in order to create them, but then allowed his to have free play with the paint after, although he did get a bit over excited a couple of times and create some minor issues with a couple. such as an upside down reindeer and a big browny green blob that I haven't figured out how to salvage yet! (we only had a limited number of cards!!)

After lunch we then went on a lovely chilly walk to the park to play the swings, and take a walk through the woods and along the river.  Poor Arthur fell over in a big puddle, but luckily he was well wrapped up in waterproofs so didn't complain.

Alyssa getting creative

Christmas tree and fairy lights

Christmas tree and candy cane

Not quite sure yet!!
Arthur wanted to paint his own foot!
Reindeer and Father Christmas

A walk in the woods

A little bit muddy!!

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