Saturday, 2 November 2013

Milk bottle Elephants

With Diwali being tomorrow, I wanted today's activity to be an Indian themed one.  A long time ago I was told how to turn a milk bottle into an Elephant, and this seemed like a perfect time to finally give it a go.  It is really simple to do, and Arthur and Alyssa really enjoyed painting, however, the paint didn't stick to the plastic of the bottle very easily, I am wondering weather I should have coated it in glue or some thing first! But they enjoyed themselves and that is all that matters.  They still need the features drawn on and maybe some decorations, I will have to research the difference between Indian and African Elephants before drawing the features with permanent marker, I can never remember!  The other plus is the bottle cap makes a perfect 'seat' on the top for little toys to sit on, I can't wait for them to finished. 

Ordinary milk bottle

Can you see it yet?

painting away

Alyssa having a look!

'Am I doing it right?"

Almost done!
Look like an Elephant yet?

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