Saturday, 9 November 2013

Poppy making for Gran Nan!

It has been a tough few day here recently, with me being worn out with a cold virus and the little ones being a bit off too, we have had to endure snuggles on the sofa watching Christmas films, and a day of free play involving Arthur colouring from his multiple magazines from nana, and  'making' me cups of tea and food from the kitchen in his castle all day.

Today however I managed to get my act together and make up a little activity for Arthur revolving around Armistice day.  I cut a basic poppy shape out of a paper plate and gave him his crayons to colour it in, then I gave him a little pot of Poppy seeds to glue onto the centre.  That was great for his concentration and his pincer grip and made a lovely piece to give to Gran Nan (My grandma) 

After a morning of that and marching around the front room with his helmet (a saucepan!) on his head, it was then time to visit Gran Nan so she could show him pictures of World War Two planes and tanks and things and talk about her time in the War a little bit, it was so cute hearing him learning words like spitfire and marching to Gran Nans orders of 'about turn' and 'at ease.'



All finished!


Cuddles with Gran Nan


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