Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Aj's "Make" Thanksgiving dinner!

In preparation for Thursday, I got the two of them to help me "make" Thanksgiving dinner with the help of some felt tip pens, paper plates and some food magazines.  Arthur is really interested in learning how to use scissors, so I gave him a scrap of paper to practice on whilst I found some pictures in the magazines to cut out.  At the same time I gave Alyssa a plate with some basic carrot, potato and pea shapes on to colour in.  Arthur then got settled in helping me glue the pictures to the plates, the good thing about round paper plates is it doesn't matter which way they glue the picture down as it will always be the right way round!  The other great thing about these is if they remain in relatively good condition after Thursday, they can be used again and again for role play or imaginative play props.

Arthur cutting

Colouring carrotts

Sticking on a nice pie for dessert!

Thanksgiving dinner anyone??

Drawing salad

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