Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Planting sunshine on a cloudy day!

I love Daffoddils, the sign of spring and happy little flowers that are as yellow as the sun, and dance in the breeze.  I can never resist the urge to buy them when they arrive in supermarkets, but have never grown them.  A while back I bought a bag of Daffodil bulbs and have been waiting for a non rainy day to get the children outside to plant them, and today was the day.  It was a bit chilly outside and the sun was covered with the mist from the valley.  So I wrapped them up pretty well, and the ground was wet so I sat Alyssa on a bin bag as we don't have an all in one suit for her yet.  Arthur loves playing with mud and digging so soon got stuck straight in, Alyssa has never played with mud before and I was a little cautious as I thought she would eat it, but she just tried imitating her brother until she got bored as she can't do very much!

I placed to plant pots by the fence so they can be seen from the front room window as Arthur was very interested in watching the Daffodils grow, It's hard to explain to a toddler that they wont grow straight away, but I am excited to see his face when shoots start to appear so he can watch them change and grow, I can't wait for Spring when the heads appear and brighten the garden up announcing the arrival of the warmer weather.  I now need to look into getting more plant pots and other flowers to make our very plain and boring garden a bit more interesting, I also need to weed the garden badly, but that's for another day when it is a little warmer. 

We needed to warm up a little bit when we got in, so we did it the best way possible, with hot chocolate and marshmallows and some yummy home made banana bread. All whilst resisting the urge to put on a Christmas movies, something about Hot Chocolate and Christmas films seems to go together, especially 'Polar express' which is one of my favourites, I'm starting to get excited for Alyssa's first Christmas, and Arthur is starting to recognise Father Christmas so this year will be more magical than previous ones!

What's this??


Ready for some sun!

Scrummy hot chocolate!

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