Monday, 11 November 2013

Banana Bread and Yoga!

We had some bananas that were a little on the soft side and I had recently read a blog about Healthy banana bread, so today was all about Arthur having fun in the kitchen.  The fact that I had literally only just finished cleaning it and all the dishes or course, meant that mess needed to be made, as no room EVER stays clean and tidy when you have children.

I decided to try and involve Alyssa a little bit more than just the usual watching as well, so I put a bit of flour in the saucepan that stays in the play pen, and gave her a spoon so she could play.  The recipe I used was weighed out in cups and spoons so was a lot easier to do with Arthur as he doesn't really understand the scales, but could easily count out the cups.  he had great fun peeling the banana too and squishing it with a fork, and occasionally his hands!

Whilst we were waiting for the bread to cook in the oven, I decided to keep Arthur amused with some exercise in the form of some Kids Yoga Poses.  He has seen me practice Yoga a couple of times and tries to join in with the 'loga' on his 'mat' (a folded blanket!)  he had great fun looking at the pictures and saying, 'Me do that one!' hold it for less than a second before rushing off to look up a new one.  It will take a long time for him to start being calm and pose properly, but he is enjoying himself and exercising and that is all that matters for the minute!





Star pose

Tree pose

Alyssa joining in!

The bread



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