Thursday, 28 November 2013

Latkes for Hannukah

Whilst Alyssa was fast asleep and lunch time was fast approaching, Arthur and I attempted to make traditional Latkes to celebrate the Holiday of Hannukah.  It's the festival of lights for the Jewish community centred around the lighting of the Menorah and eating of fried foods representing the oil that burned for 8 days in the temple.  Donuts are a big thing for this festival, but I don't have a deep fat fryer to attempt to make these, so Latkes were the next best option. 

Latkes are a form of potato and onion pancake, served with apple sauce.  So our first task was to peel some potaotes, Arthur did try to have a go but couldn't quite do it.  But he thoroughly enjoyed pushing the button on the food processor, and squeezing as much water out of the grated potato as possible, before our next step of mixing all the ingredients together. 

Once they were cooked we served with some pureed apple, Alyssa and I thoroughly enjoyed them, but Arthur did the usual toddler trick of looking at it and saying "me no like it!" I can't wait for him to get over this stage, it is so frustrating!!

Attempting to peel

Pushing buttons



Yum Yum!

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